Information about the site & the people behind it

Welcome to the fourth generation of the leodogs site. The first versions were made by hand but with some assistance by the free tool 1st Page 2000 (see Links) mainly for the preview and help functions, but it sure can do a lot more if you care to get to know the program. In September 2005 the site was modified using frames and CSS. Nowaday the site uses php server-side programming extensively (thanks a million, Stian!).

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The pages are best viewed with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or more, the photos are at their best with as many colors as possible. All photos unless otherwise stated (exceptions studio photos, ancestors on genealogy page, puppy photos from breeder) has been taken by our family, most of them with a Canon PowerShot S30 (some with dad's mobile, a SonyEricsson K700i). The same camera took the movies, and then Windows MovieMaker put the pieces together and decreased the resolution and bitrate.
The Leodogs-family in October 2005

The family consists of three Leonbergers (of course), two adults and four teenagers. We live in the sothern part of Sweden, in Skåne, close to the sea, so our dogs are used to water. It's their natural element! Might be obvious from the pictures...

We enjoy obedience training, dog shows, water trial, rescue work and tracking, so our dogs spend a lot of time "working". They seem to thrive on that too! We also love meeting a lot of newfound friends, a lot of nice people appear because of the breed and at the dog activities that we take part in.

If you are more curious of the Leonberger breed contact your local club or go to the Swedish Leonberger Club's well-written breed standard (sorry, only in Swedish), that site also has an abundance of other breed information.